Setting up your school

School Setup


, it’s time to setup your school.


About You


Enter your name, school name, and country. This will make it easier for teachers to recognise and join your school later.

We also need to know your preferred Accent and Letter Style.



Add every class that will be using Jolly Classroom.

The progress of each class is tracked independently, create as many as you need.

Press “Continue” once you are done.

Invite Teachers


Enter the details of the teacher

Click on “Invite a Teacher” to add a new teacher.


Enter the teachers’ name and email in the dialog.

Select the classes, that the teacher will be teaching.

Press “Send Invitation” when done.

Invitation Process

Every teacher will receive an email invitation, with a link to sign up.

If a teacher signs up with the email address you sent the invitation too, they will automatically be added to this school.

If a teacher already has a Jolly Classroom account, they will be shown a dialog in the app that allows them to accept the invitation.


After sending the invitation, it will appear in the list.

You can add multiple teachers, one after another.

Press “Enter Jolly Classroom” when you are finished.

Signup Complete!

Your signup is complete, you can preview the activities of Jolly Classroom for 14 days!