Opening Jolly Classroom



Jolly Classroom is available both online and as a download. The online version is great for trying it out, but we highly recommend installing the app for long term use, especially on mobile.


Navigate to https://app.jollyclassroom.com using your web browser.

Jolly Classroom works best with Google Chrome.

Click on “Get Started” to open Jolly Classroom



The downloaded apps work offline (after logging in), and have significantly improved performance, while navigating and in the lessons. For daily use, it is highly recommended to use the native apps.


You will see a page like this →

Click on a link to download an app.


Clicking on Mac and Windows will download the file to your computer.

Clicking on iOS or Android will take you to the respective store.


Windows → Click on the downloaded app to install Jolly Classroom

Mac → Click on the .zip file to decompress the app, then drag it into the Applications folder

iOS / Android → Click on the install button on the Store page.


Windows → Navigate to the installed app using the start menu.

Mac → Open “Jolly Classroom” inside the Applications folder.

iOS / Android → Find the app on your home screen, and tap on it.