Accepting a School Invitation

School Setup

Once an invitation has been sent to a teacher, they can join the school. There are two ways this can happen:

  1. During Signup, when the user has no account
  2. After Signup, by logging in, or clicking the link.

Signup Email


When invited, the teacher will receive an email like the one on the left.


Clicking the link will bring the user to the landing page, with a welcome message.


The user then needs to authenticate, using any of the methods available.


I selected “Signup with Email”, here you can see how the invitation has been found by the system.

The user just needs to enter their password, and press “Create User Account”.

The account will be created, and the user can start teaching.

After Signup

If a teacher has already signed up, they can still be invited.

Send an invitation to the email they have used, then when they login, a popup will appear:


See the homescreen!

Click “Accept” to join the school